Swarovski® 2013 Annual Edition Star Ornament or Stand

Swarovski® 2013 Annual Edition Star Ornament or Stand


Pick your favorite (or both!) of these beautiful 2013 star ornaments from Swarovski to round out your holiday decorations. A display stand makes a perfect finishing touch for showing off your crystal collection.

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  • Collections features two crystal star ornaments and a display stand
  • Large crystal star ornament features a plate at the top with 2013 engraved on it
  • Smaller crystal star is also only avalible in 2013 and comes with a white satin ribbon
  • Large ornament display stand can hold up to two ornaments and  is perfect for showing off these or other treasures
  • Large Snowflake Ornament:  2.94"x3.19"
  • Small Snowflake Ornament:  1.75"x1.94"
  • Large Ornament Stand:  4.3"x9.2"
  • Small Ornament Stand:  3.94"x7.06"
  • All pieces sold separately
  • Imported