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Mens Suit Guide
The parts of a suitThe parts of a suit Lapel tip Single or double breasted tip
The shape should be proportionate to your frame.
When buttoned up, your jacket should leave enough room (about the size of a fist) between your chest and the fabric. Don't forget to keep the bottom button unfastened.

The two main types include notched or peaked. Notched lapels are the most common, featuring a wide, V-shaped opening for classic style. A more formal option, peaked lapels have a narrow design with points as sharp as the look.

Stylish and versatile, a single-breasted jacket features a single row of buttons down the front and narrow, overlapping fabric. A double-breasted jacket features two rows of buttons for a classy, refined statement.

Pads add structure and shape, creating a smooth front for style. Make sure the pads square with your shoulders for a good fit.

Choose a sleeve length that ends where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. This way, about 1/2" of your shirt cuff will be showing for a polished touch.

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The parts of a suitThe parts of a suit Vest
Wear a snug-fitting vest and leave the last button unfastened (like your jacket).

Great alone or layered under a jacket — it's the perfect way to dress up your look.

If you have flat-front pants, select a plain hem to match. For pleated pants, opt for a cuffed hem, which adds weight to create a cleaner drape.

The horizontal crease above the pant cuff, seen when the cuff hits the shoe. For a clean, stylish break, your pant bottoms should barely touch the top of your shoes.

Choose pants that sit comfortably, yet snug at the waist. Complement a casual suit with a belt to add color and texture.

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A modern, fitted silhouette that suits a smaller frame.


Narrow shoulder and lapel • Smaller, softer shoulder pads • Shorter coat length


Tapered waist • Slightly tapered leg

A traditional silhouette, cut with extra room for comfort.


Perfect for average to full frames • Wider, longer lapel • Longer coat length


Roomy through the waist and leg

Also referred to as "big and tall sizes," they're designed for larger frames.

Full-cut shoulders and seat • Moderate shoulder padding • Tapered torso and leg